Miss World 2019 Live

Miss World 2019 Live : Come December 14th, 2019, beautiful women around the world would gather in London England to select the most beautiful girl in the world. This is an annual event and the current edition is going to be the 69th Edition of that pageant event.


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Miss World 2019 Live
Venue ExCeL London, London, United Kingdom
Start Date December 14, 2019
Broadcast Tv Channel Sky Channel 117, Virgin Media Channel 159, Freeview Channel 8
Live Stream Watch Here

The edition will take place in ExCel London, located in the London United Kingdom. It would be an opportunity for the reigning beauty queen Vanessa Ponce of Mexico to crown and handover to her successor. Many people are looking forward to that event which would attract beautiful girls from various countries of the world.

The global event would be hosted by the Miss World President Julia Morley and the chief executive officer of that event Ashwani Kumar Rai. The decision to host the event in London was taking in February this year ending speculations as regards to which nation would host it.

Watch Miss world 2019 Live Stream Online

The official streaming station for that event is the London Live. It is a live television program station and they are shown in reputable stations in the country such as the Channels 4 as well as 4 Music. In addition to that, they are to collaborate with 3DD Production. It is going to be a wonderful event, as performing musicians and dancers from all parts of the world would grace it.

In addition to that, live pictures would also be shown across the globe through the internet and cable stations. There are plenty of options available for anybody who wants to watch the contest and the crowing of the most beautiful girl in this world.

Many countries in the world would be sending contestants to the event, and they also have broadcasting rights. This means that certain television stations were given the exclusive rights of streaming the events to people in that country. It is left for you to search for that station that has that exclusive rights to show that event.

Usually, people in America can depend on different stations such as Azteca and the Fox for the streaming service. Apart from that, other broadcasting and streaming channels would be showing the event live to fans in their respective countries.

If you are in a country where you are restricted because of the geographic location, there are also options available to you to become part of that program. Social media websites have always proven to be a good alternative for a number of people. Many people across the world would depend on Direct TV to watch the event.

Miss world 2019 Broadcasting Channels

The event is to be broadcasted officially by London Live. They have exclusive rights. They are to collaborate with other broadcast stations across the country and the world over. Channels available to you depends on your country of residence. A lot of people would depend on the Live stream broadcast to watch that program.

Such people may not depend on cable satellites to watch the event. Even if you want to depend on the cable channels for the broadcast, you can get various channels. One thing is certain and that is that stations like Direct TV would dedicate some of its channels for the event. If you have access to that streaming broadcast station, you can watch that competition from the beginning to the end.

A lot of other people would depend on Fox channels as well as Aztec especially those fans in the US. Outside the US, there are other stations with exclusive rights to show that events live. LBC station, as well as Paris Premier, is a good streaming and broadcasting options for many people especially those in Africa and other parts of the world. The fact is that there are plenty of streaming options, you can always make your choice.

Who Will Host Miss world 2019?

It is already known that Miss World 2019 would hold in London England. It would be hosted in ExCeL London, the United Kingdom. The event is to be hosted by Miss World President who is no other than Julia Morley and the Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants Tanawat Wanson. The event would be hosted by the reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce of Mexico. She is currently the beauty queen of the world and she was crowned in the year 2018. This would afford her the opportunity to crown her own successor. It was widely expected that the event would be hosted by Thailand. The announcement on July 2 by the hosts and organizers of the event sealed the deal for 2020 for Thailand.

The decision to place Thailand for the 2020 edition is to enable them host for the 70th celebration of that event. The contestants for that event would be expected in London from November 20th. The opening would be organized in the country and participants would engage in the series of events that are organized to select the best overall winner. This can take them to the most iconic cities and landmarks in London.

This year’s event is highly anticipated and it would be broadcasted live in not less than two hundred countries. This clearly indicates that most countries in the world would become part of the competition. This could be the best ever to be organized. The climax of the occasion would be the crowning of the new queen and the reigning queen would formally relinquish the title to the new winner who would emerge at the end of the competition. It promises to be the most pageant event and it is coming towards the end of the year. It is going to be the most glamorous and the whole world is waiting in anticipation.

Final words

Miss World is the most pleasant pageant event in the world. Now that the 69th edition which will take place in London the UK is around the corner, preparations for that are already in top gear. As expected participants are intensifying their efforts as they are getting ready for the event. It is going to be shown live to fans all over the world.